Performances on tour


Artistic Direction Mark Tompkins
Set and Costume Design Jean-Louis Badet
Light Design David Farine

Technical Direction Rodolphe Martin
Outside Eye Frans Poelstra
Music : songs from Mark Lewis and the Standards
Composed by Nuno Rebelo and Mark Tompkins
The Standards : Mark Tompkins, Nuno Rebelo, Vitor Rua, Alex Cortez, Samuel Palitos
Wrestling Coaches Jean Cohen, Marco de Paola
Administration, Touring Amelia Serrano

The referee Mark Tompkins
Rudy Gourdin Jean-Louis Badet
Captain Kavern Rodolphe Martin

The Wrestlers
Josy La Teigne Séverine Bauvais
Chicungunia Cecilia Bengolea
Wendy Edith Christoph
Kathy Karcher Mélanie Cholet
Fifi Lafouine Audrey Gaisan

Premiere july 5, 2007 at the Festival Montpellier Danse 2007

Duration 1h15


ANIMAL Male is a fable which permitted us to confront the body’s animal physicality with the rhetoric of discourse (no matter which one). With ANIMAL Female we attempt, inside of this same duality, to complete the elements by introducing the desire and trouble that women inspire in us. In this new version, Eve or Lilith lead the dance. And it’s the fight, in all of its manifestations, which constitutes our common good.

ANIMAL, Male and Femelle, presents the body’s resistance to the tyranny of the Word. The relativity between the dominator and the dominated. The illusion of appearances, that we interpret from our own point of view, and the resistance of the other to preserve his or her world. The dialogue of perceptions and sensations which guide us. Not to linger nor grasp, but to embrace the passage, navigate the systems, render visible the circulation, produce complex images which are born and then die, leaving us fortunately astounded, perhaps uncomfortable, certainly disconcerted.

The stage of ANIMAL is a square arena, 7m by 7m, and the public, seated on three sides, watches like a jury at an autopsy – at the same time witness and voyeur, engaged and invited to take part.

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